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Preparatory Arts Academy
Visual & Media Arts 

Welcome to the OCCTAC Preparatory Arts Academy's Visual Arts Department, where creativity knows no bounds and artistic expression flourishes. Our program is designed to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for artists of all ages to explore their creativity, refine their skills, and develop a deep appreciation for the visual arts. 

Our Philosophy

At OCCTAC Preparatory Arts Academy, we believe that art is not just a skill; it's a means of self-expression, personal growth, and creative exploration. Our philosophy revolves around nurturing artists not only in their technical prowess but also in their ability to think critically, communicate visually, and engage with the world around them through their art. We emphasize a holistic approach that fosters confidence, empathy, and a lifelong love for the arts. 

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Program Highlights

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Creative Space for All Ages
From Creative Space I for young artists to Studio Art II for intermediate learners, our classes provide a space for creativity to flourish. 


Digital Animation

Explore the exciting world of digital animation and storytelling with hands-on experience in industry-standard software. 


Contemporary Masters

Delve into the works of renowned artists and interpret their styles in a contemporary context, fostering personal creative growth. 


Illustration and Comics

Develop visual narratives through illustration and comic book creation, combining storytelling and artistic expression. 


Supportive Community

Join a community of fellow artists who share your passion and encourage your artistic journey. 


Exhibition Opportunities

Showcase your work and gain valuable experience in presenting your art to diverse audiences. 

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Why Choose OCCTAC
Preparatory Arts Academy? 

Experienced Instructors

Our passionate and skilled instructors guide your artistic journey. 

Holistic Learning

We focus on personal growth and critical thinking alongside technical skills. 

Diverse Curriculum

Our classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced artists. 

Supportive Community

Join fellow artists in a collaborative and encouraging environment. 

Exhibition Opportunities

Showcase your creations to diverse audiences. 

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes ensure personalized guidance. 

Cultural Diversity

Explore global art traditions and perspectives. 

Preparation for Future

Equip yourself for higher education or lifelong artistic pursuits. 

Get In Touch

Connect with our Visual Arts Academy Coordinator to learn more about our program and class availability. 

Mark Dimalanta
Visual Arts & Engage 360 SAUSD 
Program Coordinator
T: 714-547-5468


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