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Early Intervention Services For Older Adults (EISOA)

EISOA is a transformative program designed for Orange County residents aged 60 years and older. We understand that life's journey can sometimes lead to isolation, and that's why we're here to help you rediscover the joys of community engagement and personal growth. 

Our Approach
Our approach is centered around customization and personalization. We believe that each individual is unique, and our program is tailored to meet your specific needs and interests. Whether you're seeking skill development, socialization, therapeutic arts, or more, EISOA has something to offer you. 

Comprehensive Services
EISOA offers a wide range of in-house and community services to support your journey: 

  • In-House Services: From short-term case management to access to classes and support groups, we're here to provide you with the tools you need for personal growth. 

  • Community Support: We extend our reach into the community by providing referrals to essential resources such as food distribution centers, medical care, legal services, and more. 

Engaging Activities
Our program is built on a foundation of engagement and enrichment. Participate in skill development workshops, educational groups, recreational activities, therapeutic arts and crafts, and even enjoy home visitations. It's all about ensuring your well-being and enjoyment. 

Embrace Wellness with EISOA
EISOA is a cornerstone of OCCTAC's Family Wellness Program, offering culturally sensitive and multilingual services that prioritize your well-being. We're here to: 

  • Decrease stress levels 

  • Foster self-care 

  • Prevent or mitigate mental health conditions 

  • Provide a safe space for skill acquisition 

  • Cultivate social connections and recreational opportunities 

  • Assist with goal-setting and support 


EISOA Calendar

Explore the exciting lineup of upcoming events and classes for EISOA. Join us for engaging activities that promote community involvement, well-being, and skill development for older adults in Orange County.

OCCTAC EISOA Classes are in Orange

Get In Touch

For inquiries about the Program, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team members: 

Rosa Garcia, MSG

EISOA Program Coordinator
Case Manager

T: 714-547-5468 x 312


Trinidad (Trino) Garcilazo
MS Candidate

EISOA Case Manager

T: 714-547-5468


Briana Chavez

EISOA Case Manager

T: 714-547-5468


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