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Mental Health &
Emotional Wellness

At OCCTAC, we are dedicated to the holistic well-being of our families. We recognize that social, emotional, and mental wellness are vital for the complete development of individuals, families, and our broader community. Our Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Programs offer an array of free services to support your journey towards mental and emotional well-being.

Individual and Group Emotional Support: Connecting Hearts and Minds 
In moments of need, connecting with others who understand can make a world of difference. Our individual and group emotional support options are designed to provide comfort and connection. 

  • Individual Emotional Support
    For cases requiring one-on-one guidance and care. 

  • Support Groups
    A safe, judgment-free space where participants can share experiences, offer mutual assistance, comfort, and guidance. Facilitated discussions foster learning and growth. 

We offer the following support groups: 

  • Mothers Empowering One Another
    Nurturing parenting skills and sharing experiences related to caring for children, particularly those with special needs. 

  • Youth Group
    A fun and secure environment for youth to engage in discussions about emotional well-being while enjoying board games. 

Psychological Therapy and Counseling: Providing Compassionate Support 
During challenging times, having emotional support is essential. Our psychological therapy and counseling services are available to individuals, couples, and families. This multi-session process, typically conducted weekly or bi-weekly, is entirely confidential. If you're experiencing any of the following, therapy can be tremendously beneficial: 

  • Signs of isolation, sadness, ongoing stress, or persistent irritability/anger 

  • Difficulty focusing or performing daily tasks 

  • Thoughts of self-harm or harming others 

  • Family or couple conflicts 

  • Emotional struggles while adapting to changes in country or culture 

Please note: 

  • We are currently prioritizing clients already engaged with OCCTAC's programs due to high demand. 

  • Thanks to a partnership with the University of Pepperdine, our services are provided free of charge. 

  • Services are delivered by Practicum Students under the supervision of licensed professionals. ​


Emotional Education Workshops: Enhancing Knowledge and Empowerment 

Our workshops cover a range of topics related to family well-being, mental health, and social-emotional development. From suicide prevention to utilizing art for healing, our workshops provide insight, learning, and sharing experiences in a supportive environment. 

We collaborate with community centers, the Department of Education, and other like-minded organizations. Grounded in a model of liberation psychology, our approach empowers individuals by recognizing the context and power dynamics that shape their lives. We support self-reflection and collective empowerment. 

Get In Touch

For inquiries about the Program, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team members: 

Axel G. Melendez
Mental Health & Emotional Wellness
Program Coordinator
T: 714-547-5468

Sherry Rubinstein

Counselor & Intake Specialist 
T: 714-547-5468 x 302

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