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OCCTAC and OCPSC Join Forces for a Safer, Sustainable Future!

We're excited to share a powerful partnership between OCCTAC and the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC). Together, we're on a mission to educate, inform, and inspire change in the face of two critical challenges: extreme heat and water conservation.

Tackling Extreme Heat: As temperatures soar, it's crucial for everyone to understand the risks and safety measures associated with extreme heat events. OCCTAC and OCPSC are teaming up to educate Californians about how to stay safe in hotter climates. We'll highlight safety measures like staying indoors, finding shade, staying hydrated, and utilizing nearby cooling centers. Building on the state's Extreme Heat Action Plan, we're using successful tactics from previous campaigns (like the 2020 Census and COVID-19 vaccination efforts) to bring you the information you need to stay safe and resilient in the heat.

Driving Water Conservation: With the Save Our Water campaign, we're changing attitudes and behaviors towards water conservation. Our partnership focuses on showing you ways to save water indoors and outdoors. We'll also guide you on taking advantage of rebates for water-efficient appliances, available through local water agencies. Drawing inspiration from California's Water Supply Strategy and past successful initiatives, we're leveraging paid media, community partnerships, outreach, and content development to make a lasting impact.

Join us as we work together to make a positive change. Stay tuned for informative updates, engaging events, and actionable tips that will help us create a safer, greener California for all. Let's build a better future, one step at a time!

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