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Santa Ana Parks & Recreation

In partnership with the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Office, OCCTAC is proud to present two vital community programs aimed at nurturing the growth and development of Santa Ana's youth and very young children. These programs, the Youth Violence Prevention Program and the Early Childhood Program, bring enriching experiences and valuable resources to the heart of the community.

Youth Violence Prevention Program: Inspiring Creativity and Connection 

Program Objectives

Through collaboration with the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Office, OCCTAC extends its Arts Enrichment Programs to four Recreational Centers strategically situated within Qualified Service Tract areas in Santa Ana: Jerome Center, Garfield Recreation Center, Roosevelt-Walker Center, and Salgado Recreation Center. 

Our after-school enrichment programs cater to students in grades 2 through 12, providing engaging art instruction across music, dance, media arts, and studio arts. With age-specific groups for 7-11-year-olds and 12-18-year-olds, the aim is to empower community members to explore diverse art forms not readily available in their neighborhoods. These programs also offer crucial support to families during challenging times, fostering recovery and resilience. Participants will utilize the creative process as a vehicle for self-expression, social-emotional development, cultural diversity, and pride. 

Early Childhood Program: Building Foundations for Tomorrow 

In collaboration with the City of Santa Ana's Parks, Recreation, and Community Services agency, OCCTAC delivers an Early Childhood support program tailored to very young Santa Ana children (ages 6 months to 5 years) and their parents. This program operates within the four Recreational Centers strategically placed in Qualified Service Tract areas: Jerome Center, Garfield Recreation Center, Roosevelt-Walker Center, and Salgado Recreation Center. 

Our Early Childhood Program has a multifaceted approach: 

  1. School Readiness: Preparing very young children for educational success and kindergarten readiness. 

  2. Parent Education: Empowering parents with insights into their children's learning and providing preparation for kindergarten. 

  3. Arts Exposure: Introducing both children and parents to the world of arts. 

  4. Inclusion and Prevention: Integrating children with and without disabilities as well as promoting child abuse prevention. 

Active parental involvement is a cornerstone of our Early Childhood Program. Parents engage hands-on in activities such as playing, reading, arts, and understanding their children's developmental stages. The program encourages frequent participation to maximize learning opportunities and enhance educational outcomes for families in the future. 

Get In Touch

For inquiries about the Program, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team members: 

Carlos Beltran
Director of Arts Education
T: 714-547-5468 ext. 302

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