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OCCTAC offers a range of creative arts therapies to children and youth of all ages and disabilities in Orange County to enhance their psychological, socio-emotional, communication/ linguistic and cognitive development. As part of our ongoing commitment to be inclusive in our programming, all OCCTAC arts classes are open to students of every ability. 

OCCTAC also offers workshops and special programs throughout the year.

In order to provide the quality and services based on the needs of the student, mandatory intakes are required for students with all abilities that will attend the center to assure the optimized class placement and the most gratifying experience for your child. Our therapeutic team meets weekly to provide a healing arts therapeutic plan for each student.

Note: Intakes and Assessment are done by appointment only, please be sure to provide an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) at the time of appointment if applicable.


Please contact our Coordinator Phoebe Stanciell at to schedule an appointment.

Intakes and Assessments

Please call for an appointment: 714.547.5468

Services and Programs Offered

OCCTAC's Therapeutic Department offers the following services and classes:


* Adaptive Music Classes for all abilities

* Full Inclusion Music Classes for all

* Expressive Arts & Dance Classes

* Visual Arts Classes

* Martial Arts and Health Education

* Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Call Axel M. for more info


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Socialization Program for Regional Center

Call Axel M. for more info


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