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Mother's Day 2021
May 2021

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Mothers are pretty special to us here at OCCTAC, and we were honored to celebrate some mothers from our Family Mentoring and Older Adults programs this year. Participants in the Family Mentoring Program had a wonderful time creating special Mother’s Day cards for their loved ones.

Meet M. Salinas
January 2021


 Miss Juana Olmedo, mother of our client M Salinas has impressed us with her perseverance. She has five children, two of whom have a special disability. She is the primary caregiver for her children, as her husband is the main provider and works full time.  With all the work she has to do at home and caring for the children and other obstacles she has to face, she has managed to study for her driving permit and has passed it! She is currently practicing her driving skills to take the behind the wheel test. We are very proud of Miss Salinas for her work ethic and hope for the best to her future endeavors!​


Daisy Nava 

Meet Victor
October 2020

Victor is a very attentive boy, but during these times of pandemic he has had a hard time adapting to the changes. He does not like to be in front of the monitor for a long time, he does not like to be ordered or denied things, sometimes he becomes aggressive when they do not let him do the things he wants. Thanks to the activity or the stones, he is able to entertain himself and the mother family has noticed a huge improvement on behavior, with less aggressiveness and more participation on other tasks. He feels comfortable doing these activities as they have helped him feel at ease.

Meet Lorena
September 2020

Lorena is a 10 year-old girl in our Family Mentoring Program. She is a very active girl and very restless. Lorena likes to explore all parts of her house but she cries a lot without explanation and without any known reason. She even scratches and becomes aggressive in some moments. But Lorena’s mother noticed that with an activity using pebbles, with a little help, Lorena could decorate a mini blackboard. The activity consists of using small stones and painting on the mini canvas. Lorena stops crying during this activity and she is very happy when she hears that she is going to participate in this activity. Lorena’s mother is very satisfied and arrives punctually to her sessions. She has been given new materials so that Lorena can continue her new favorite activity at home.