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Wraparound Tutoring Program Success Story
May 2021


Wraparound is a family-centered program and utilizes individualized interventions to build on the strengths of the family. The wraparound process is a way to improve the lives of youth and their families who have complex needs. OCCTAC is one of the providers for the County of Orange, Wraparound Network Program. Working in conjunction with Social Services, Probation Offices and Health Care Agencies, OCCTAC provides in-home tutoring to at-risk youth and their families.  This spring and summer brought unique challenges to the Wraparound Tutoring program, primarily how to tutor students in a virtual setting during the time of COVID-19. Here is what co-coordinator Victor Alvarez said about the success of the program despite those challenges: “When both Bryan and I started coordinating we were only serving about 10 families at the beginning of the year. We have expanded the Wrap program and we are now serving over 30 families. Our tutor, Albert Davis, even managed to get one of his students to increase their grade by 2 letter grades.”  Wraparound supportive services include after-school Arts and Tutoring programs.  Tutoring services provide one-to-one instruction and academic coaching in one or more academic subjects. Tutors assist students with difficulties relating to subject matter and teach students learning strategies to help them be better prepared for school.

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