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Crisis Counseling Success Story

January 2022


















Sra. Gloria is a 64-year-old woman from Guatemala. She sought emotional support services due to difficulties she is having at home. Her biggest stressor is being a caregiver to her husband who is 95 years old. He has Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heart problems, and cannot walk. When we first spoke on the phone, she was at the hospital with her husband since he gets sick and injured often. She described feeling alone, angry, and frustrated. On top of the emotional issues she was experiencing, she was also experiencing chronic pain making attending to her husband and daily tasks even more difficult. Gloria has little to no support since all her family are in Guatemala. As a result, she felt completely alone. With great enthusiasm, Gloria agreed to have a crisis counselor do an in-home visit. During the home visit, she talked about her current stressors and talked about her past and how difficult it was. We discussed various ways we can help her manage with some of the issues and cope with the stress. I have been working with Gloria since mid-November and have seen great progress. She looks forward to our weekly meetings where she is given the space to vent, to share company and a laugh with, and to have utilized our time together to provide support with transportation aid and connecting her to online therapeutic art classes. Gloria has reported feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity and is able to manage her stressors more efficiently. She has greatly enjoyed her in-home visits and recommends our work to anyone who is feeling sad, stressed, or in a difficult situation.

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