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On May 31, OCCTAC received a generous donation from the Richard Ciolek-Torello family in memory of their son, James Brandon Ciolek-Torello. This donation of a complete DJ system came with two beat machines and a synthesizer with all the accessories to perform in a live event. This kind and generous donation will expand our Media Arts department by offering a new DJ class for the upcoming fall 2021 semester!


James was born on August 16, 1989, in Phoenix, Arizona and spent his earliest years in Tucson before moving to Anaheim in 1994. He went to school at Imperial Elementary, El Rancho Jr. High, and Canyon H.S. before getting his High School diploma at Santiago Jr College. As a young boy, he was passionate about baseball and played in Little League all the way from T-ball to Senior League. While in high school, he also developed an interest in electronic music. Over the years he acquired a great variety of audio equipment and spent countless hours, late into the night working on his music. He was pursuing a degree as a sound engineer at Fullerton College before he passed away on Dec. 24, 2016.  OCCTAC is extremely grateful to the Torello family for this generous gift, and we will honor James Brandon Ciolek-Torello’s memory in our Media Arts program by teaching and empowering our “at-promise” youth to pursue their dreams in life.

Thank You to the Torello Family
July 2021

Media Arts Expanding In 2021
February 2021


The media arts department keeps on expanding in 2021! Recently, we had an incredible donation from Carol V. Avellino, who donated 16 computers with monitors. This generous gift will allow the video production class to expand its capabilities and enable each student to have a computer to work on their projects during class time or during the week. Within the next few weeks, the media arts department plans to develop a pod-like set up so students can work on their projects in a safe and friendly environment.


Thank you, Carol!

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