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This beautiful 11​​-year-old girl has been part of the OCCTAC family since she was 5 years old. Her passion is dance and she has excellent grades in school.


When the pandemic began, Melanie decided to continue dedicating herself to dance and taking her classes virtually. During the pandemic, she was part of the dance group for our Preparatory Arts music video, “Oye Como Va.” Melanie also won our AMC ensemble-level music contest this summer with her performance partner, classical guitar student Andrea Aleman.


Melanie is a dedicated flamenco student under the instruction of her teacher Claudia de la Cruz, OCCTAC’s dance coordinator. A round of applause to this young girl and her parents who have been part of the OCCTAC family for all these years!

Melanie Castellanos, Dedicated Flamenco Student
July 2021

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Brazilian Rhythms & Flamenco Workshop
May 2021

Brazilian & Flamenco.jpg

Our Preparatory Arts students from the Music Academy and Dance Academy had a musical dance encounter in person for the first time in May 2021 after taking a virtual Brazilian Rhythms workshop for two months. The students had a blast improvising together!

Dancers Inspired to Take Music Classes
April 2021

Music Classes.jpg

These three beautiful flamenco students (Lily, Sasha and Sophi) from the OCCTAC Prep Arts Dance Academy have been very committed and enthusiastic in their studies of flamenco dance with Dance Coordinator Claudia de la Cruz. Once they participated in our multi-disciplined music video project in April 2021, “Oye Como Va”, they were inspired to start taking classes in our Music Academy! It is wonderful to watch how children inspire each other at OCCTAC.

Passionate Students of Ballet
July 2021

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These are our little OCCTAC ballet stars. It really doesn’t matter the weather, location, day or time, they commit to warm up, dance and perform. It’s so beautiful to see the enthusiasm and dedication of these cute dancers and the moms that bring them every week to our center to keep training, growing and  learning Russian ballet with their amazing instructor Miss Elizabeth.

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