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OCCTAC News - November 2019

OCCTAC Special Needs Students Approved For The National Music Merit Program

The Music Teachers’ Association of California® (MTAC) sponsors the music study program Certificate of Merit® (CM). Initiated in 1933, the annual statewide program involves approximately 30,000 students. This fall of 2019, two of OCCTAC’s piano department’s teachers (and MTAC members) started a long journey of requesting special needs accommodation for four students this year. In spring 2019, the department had 12 students enter the Certificate of Merit program with 7 out of 12 receiving State Honors, of which two students were special needs. After having a parent meeting at the end of the year, some of the parents inquired about participating. These students needed many more accommodations.

After about 6 weeks of waiting on state committee approval, all four were approved to do the program this year! One OCCTAC student in particular has a congenital limb deformity and we truly consider this a huge victory to be able to participate in this evaluation. OCCTAC continues to strive in breaking barriers and negating stigma in the community, and we thank and applaud whole-heartedly quality organizations like this that give our students a chance! Thank you to Hang Le for stepping up for this huge commitment as this year the student participation has more than doubled with almost 30 students participating. OCCTAC is proud of its’ students and teachers and their dedication to excellence in the arts!


OCCTAC Engage 360 Program At SAUSD Schools Thriving

This year brought some changes to the SAUSD Engage 360 after school program, and OCCTAC Teaching Artists and Coordinator Mark Dimilanta were there to flex and help our SAUSD students succeed. With the impending structural and personnel changes at our SAUSD schools, OCCTAC remained resilient, rose above the challenge and successfully met or exceeded expectations for passing performance. Overall results showed that 84% of all elementary students in Rotation 1 demonstrated an increase in proficiency and understanding of the basic elements and principles of Art and Vocabulary enrichment, as observed in our Pre and Post-tests conducted at all 8 elementary schools. With the shortened schedules, our teachers managed to guide each and every student to create several art pieces that showed amazing creativity at their respective Art Shows. Congratulations to our SAUSD students, the SAUSD Engage 360 program, and OCCTAC SAUSD Engage 360 Teaching Artists for producing beautiful and engaging art! Together, we are promoting arts literacy and education of the whole child in our community for the 21st century and beyond.



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