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OCCTAC News - March 2020 - Special Edition

Special Edition: A Message From OCCTAC

COVID-19 , Empowering Families & Community Health

Dear OCCTAC Families, Friends and Community Partners: We hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying healthy and safe during these difficult times. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).  In our efforts to minimize the possible exposure to and spread of the virus both at our center and with our students, families and staff, we have transitioned most of our programs online and via the phone.    OCCTAC started working remotely since March 23 because we prioritize on the health and safety of our community.  Although our agency is temporarily closed for in-person services, we are still working very hard and conducting many programs and services remotely!  Our coordinators, teachers and staff are still meeting weekly (virtually) and discussing ways to effectively and safely support our community. Our OCCTAC spirit is flowing strong through our community, our families and participants! OCCTAC is making a difference in our community as we continue to fulfill our mission remotely in the following important ways: Arts Programming for Children and Youth

  • Our Prep Arts Academy is currently conducting live instruction for various music, art and dance classes online for many of our students. Please see our website for more information! 

  • We are so pleased to announce that our attendance rate for online classes has been 90-95%!

  • Students, parents and instructors are mastering a new skill in record time: the art of videoconferencing and teleconferencing via apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, What’s App and more.

  • Parents are enjoying observing and participating with their children in the creative process of making music, art and dance at home!

SAUSD Engage 360 Arts Instruction

  • OCCTAC is currently working with the school district administrators through our partnership with the SAUSD Engage 360 program, to start online courses very soon and continue to provide arts enrichment to our SAUSD students.

  • Stay tuned for some exciting news about how we will continue to provide arts enrichment to as many SAUSD students in the community as possible!

Youth Employment Program

  • Our case managers are conducting teleconference tutoring with our participants, one-on-one case management via phone, emails and video with our young adults so they can continue to move forward with their educational and career goals. 

Family Mentoring Program

  • Our case managers are helping families with special needs students remotely and via the phone by providing important information related to rental assistance, food pantry for emergency, baby supplies, eviction moratorium, relief funds, etc.

Early Intervention for Older Adults Program

  • Our case managers are working very hard to continue to engage our older adults, which are most vulnerable to isolation and depression, by ensuring that they continue to receive all the services that they need on a daily basis.

  • Most of our participants have started live class instruction conducted by our staff that focus on important topics that support their physical and mental health.

Mental Health & Counseling Services

  • Thanks to our community partners, such as Pepperdine University, OCCTAC is able to provide counseling services via the phone to young adults, parents and older adults in our community.

Wraparound Tutoring Services

  • Tutoring sessions have continued via web-based video conferencing tools in order to support the academic needs of all the students referred by the County of Orange, Social services.– In-person tutoring sessions have been cancelled. Tutoring sessions will continue via a web based video conferencing tool.

We take this opportunity to thank each one of you for supporting OCCTAC throughout the years, and especially now!  Thank you for believing in our mission and the work that we do. Your continuous financial support will help provide important programs to our community during these difficult times to many low-income families that need your support.   Thank you and God bless you. We hope you and your loved ones stay strong, healthy and safe! With immense gratitude always, Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami, Executive Director OC Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center


You Can Help OCCTAC Today!

The new federal CARES Act allows for charitable gift tax deductions in 2020, even if you are unable to itemize your deductions, as an added incentive to give.

You can help OCCTAC today by donating money, choosing to donate on a recurring basis, or by designating “Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center” as your charity when purchasing through Amazon via their Amazon Smile program

We appreciate you and your continued support of OCCTAC’s mission to provide innovative, artistic, educational and therapeutic programs that inspire and transform children, at-risk youth, adults and their families to fulfill their highest potential.

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