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OCCTAC News - August 2020

Older Adults Learn and Grow During COVID-19

The beginning of this new fiscal year bought many challenges to our older Adult participants enrolled in our EISOA (Early Intervention and Socialization) Program at OCCTAC. However, our participants and case managers did a great job transitioning in-person classes to virtual classes. It was not easy, but our amazing staff and participants were able to adapt and make the necessary changes!  Currently, our participants are participating in 6 classes every week with Zoom, Facebook live, What’s App, messenger, and text messages. Also, our Case managers are doing some home visits, while keeping social distancing, to bring donated masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, art materials, and program handouts for the month!

Our older adults expressed their appreciation for helping them maintain and build physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Below we share some stories. Mr. H., stated, “I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't had the support of my case managers who me call me several times a week asking me how I'm doing and what I need. I was very anguished and stressed about what is happening to us and they referred me to a therapist who is helping me a lot. Now after several virtual appointments with my therapist I feel calmer, so I want to thank you for everything you do for me. I thought that being an older adult, it no longer mattered to many but since I have been part of the program, I feel protected."

During the month of July, one of our older adults (Mrs. O), was diagnosed with COVID19 and had to move out of her daughter’s house to go live in a hotel. She had some assistance from her daughter to pay for the first week at the hotel, but they did not have enough money to pay for another week to stay at the hotel.  Our program coordinator/case manager contacted several places and was able to obtain $1000 to help the participant pay for the rest of the hotel stay! The participant has now recovered from the COVID-19 and well enough to move back with her daughter. 

These two wonderful stories show the impact that this OCCTAC program is having in the lives of our older adults in the community! You can also help us provide more support to the older adults in our program by going to our website at

Thank you!


Brighter Futures for Youth Employment

Program Participants

Our Youth Employment Program case manager, Elizabeth, recently reported this success story about a very special participant and her college journey. She stated, “A. C. is one of our Youth Employment Program participants that overcame several personal challenges and learned to believe in her abilities. Most importantly, A. C. gained a better outlook on life. During my first couple of meetings with A.C., she shared that she was unsure about school and career, felt lost, and had given up on her dream of becoming a teacher. A.C. was very doubtful and believed that she was not capable of returning to school. A.C. attended Santa Ana College right after graduating from high school, but felt that she was not prepared for college-level classes and dropped out. This cycle of registering for classes and dropping out mid-way was continuous and eventually affected her GPA and her chances of obtaining financial aid. A.C. saw her options diminished and decided to give up on returning to school. She did not have the funds to cover school supplies and textbooks.

A.C.’s participation in the Youth Employment Program (YEP) made a great impact on her by pushing her out of her comfort zone. At OCCTAC, she had the opportunity to work as a teacher’s assistant with the Early Start & Pre-Kinder program by helping young children during free play and story time. The YEP staff guided her in the process of returning back to college and informed her of financing options, such as the California College Promise Grant (BOG Fee Waiver) and the FAFSA application. A.C. was surprised to learn about the various financial assistance options and slowly began to regain interests in going back to school. YEP helped her with purchasing course textbooks and scheduled weekly tutoring for her where she received assistance with class assignments. As a tutor, I walked her through her homework problems and explained each step until I noticed that she grasped the concept. I encouraged her to ask questions and discuss where she felt confused so that we can work together to build a better understanding. YEP has challenged A.C. to believe in herself and has motivated her to not settle for anything less. Although she started the program later in the year, A.C. has demonstrated maturity and personal growth in a short period of time. She is no longer afraid to seek help and ask questions. A.C. is open to advice and shows an interest in learning and bettering herself. In one way or another, the Youth Employment Program served as a second opportunity for A.C. and helped her gain the confidence that she had lost. A.C.’s goal is to graduate from Santa Ana College and transfer to university where she can continue pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. I am positive that A.C. will achieve anything she sets her mind to and, here at OCCTAC, we are all proud of everything she has accomplished so far!”


Dance Department

Virtual Open House

This event will take place via "Zoom"

Just open your FREE Zoom app and join us using the following information:

Zoom Meeting ID: 893 3092 9626

Zoom Meeting Password: dancing

Download Zoom for FREE Here:



For more information please visit our website at:

Or call (714) 547.5468 to speak with our staff.


Free Virtual Mental Wellness Workshop For Parents And Teens/Youth

Through OCCTAC’s commitment to mental wellness and our partnership with OC MECCA, we are offering a series of educational Mental Wellness workshops via Zoom to our community. Zoom is a virtual conference app that is free to download and use. Dates for September workshops TBA.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest workshop dates and info!

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