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The Power of A Sketchbook!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

" Last year, when I was a substitute teaching at ALA (elementary school), I noticed that one of the students didn't feel comfortable drawing and would often seclude herself from the activities or say, "I'm not any good at drawing", or, " I can't do this, it’s gonna be ugly".

I often simplified the directions for her to help her to feel more comfortable approaching the art activities; in return, this allowed the student to feel comfortable with me as an instructor and she began confiding in me. One of the stories she told me was that she had been expelled for "tagging" in one of the restrooms, although this behavior is often viewed as unacceptable, I saw it as an opportunity! I told the student that her art piece, as most graffiti, would eventually be lost and covered over. I offered her a simple alternative, a sketchbook in which to draw.

Fast forward to this semester and I have now encountered this same student at ALA #2 (An intermediate school). Although she is no longer in the after school program she constantly comes up to me as school ends, bringing the aforementioned sketchbook, in order to show me the artwork she has been perpetually making since the day I gave her the sketchbook.

I am still shocked at how big of an impact a small action can have on the mindset of a student in regards to art. ” 

-Clemente Salgado (Teaching Artist)  December 2018

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Wraparound Program Success Story

The County of Orange Social Services department recently shared a success story from our Wraparound Tutoring program:

“ Our youth was referred to OCCTAC on January 24th 2018. She received tutoring services for 4 months, from February 6 to May 22, 2018.  Student is a 16-year-old foster youth who currently lives with her grandmother. At the start of the tutoring sessions, she was failing chemistry (and her grades suffered in other areas as well). The OCCTAC tutor and our student reviewed her grades through the online student portal, Aeries. In addition to failing grades, the tutor observed that our student did not have any note taking or study skills.  She also had difficulty understanding new concepts in chemistry.  During the 4 month tutoring session, she started to improve significantly in Chemistry, History and Geometry. In partnership with the Wrap team, we also saw our student improve her level of responsibility with her schoolwork, attendance at school, confidence with learning, and overall independence skills.  At the end of her tutoring services, she increased her grades in Chemistry from F to C, and History from D to B.  Our student also exhibited more interest to go on field trips to the local colleges, and attended several campuses with youth partner. ”

Wraparound is a partnership program with the County of Orange, Social Services designed to help families and at- risk youth by providing in-home tutoring and after-school arts services to foster youth in the community. The county refers youth clients to OCCTAC.

The OCCTAC Learning Academy is designed to provide free tutoring services at OCCTAC for families with children that need additional academic support with school assignments.

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