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The Learning Academy Program provides students in the community with free tutoring and homework support. Many of our students are Limited English proficient and benefit greatly with tutoring in Language Arts (reading and writing), support with other academic subjects and their homework.


This program is offered to the community in partnership with local colleges and universities. Our college volunteers and interns provide our students with one-on-one tutoring, as well as small group instruction. We prioritize on integrating Arts and Literacy to motivate students and promote creative thinking and problem solving.

NOTE: Our last date for Tutoring this school year is May 31st. 2018.

           Tutoring classes will begging again on August 2018 - Date to be determined.

Register for Learning Academy

To enroll for the Learning Academy program, the Parent/Guardian must fill out our application and email to our Program Coordinator Natelie Flores or you may drop off the application at our Arts Center OCCTAC.

Please select in the application the preferred time slot that you would like your child to assist the academy so that we can try an accommodate the preferred time for you. If no time is selected, we will place the student during the next  available time.


* The tutoring child must be enrolled in an OCCTAC class or must be a resident of the Willard Neighborhood

* Tutoring student must be 5 years old or older

If your child is selected to be part of the Learning Academy, you will receive a call from OCCTAC to let you know what hour slot your child was placed on.

Dates & Times:

Wednesday & Thursday | 4:30 to 6:30 PM

For more information about the program please contact:



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