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At OCCTAC we care about the general well-being of our families. We understand that social and emotional skills are a basis for successful development of individuals, families and collectives. That is why OCCTAC’s Emotional Wellness and Mental Health services provide a variety of free services open to our community. Our Counseling Services are divided into the following areas:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Emotional Support

  • Mental Wellness Workshops


Individual Therapy & Family Therapy

Emotional assistance is provided in difficult times. In psychological therapies you talk with a professional individually, as a couple or as a family about topics of emotional and behavioral issues. Individual therapy is provided both for children and adults.  It is a multi-session process, usually once a week or every two weeks.

It is totally confidential. Some reasons for seeking psychological therapy may include:

-Signs of isolation, sadness, constant stress or persistent irritability / anger

-Difficulty concentrating or performing everyday tasks

-Thoughts of hurting yourself or others

-Family or couple conflicts

-Emotional difficulties in the process of adapting to changes in the country / culture

Call or email for appointments and more info:

(714)547-5468 ext. 313

Emotional Support

Sometimes you may feel the need to connect with people who have had experiences similar to yours through a group. In cases like these, groups can be generated to find common solutions and to be able to share their situations confidentially and respecting the mutual space. The purpose is to learn from each other while the conversation is led by a professional. Usually there is a start and end date as a class, however, here the participants are both the teacher and the apprentice, because we all have something to contribute even if at first it does not feel like that.

Call or email for our Crisis Counseling Team, COVID-19 Grief Support, and more:

Call or email for appointments and more info:

(714)547-5468 ext. 313

Mental Wellness Workshops

At OCCTAC we provide classes or workshops that provide information on a particular topic related to family well-being, mental health or social-emotional development. Some topics include: suicide prevention, crisis management, healthy childhood and development, among others. You also have the opportunity to share brief experiences. It is like a class in which you can talk. The duration is usually one hour.


To carry out these services we work in partnership with various community centers, the Department of Education and other organizations that advocate for the well-being of our community. Our therapeutic approach starts from a model of liberation psychology, which is why we believe in the power that people have to achieve changes in their lives considering the context and power dynamics that surround them. We support the empowerment of individuals individually and collectively by promoting self-reflective processes.

Call or email for more information our our Mental Wellness workshops:



Call or email for more info:

(714)547-5468 ext. 313

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If you would like more information about these programs and services, please contact:

Axel Melendez Mercado
Community Wellness Programs Coordinator 
T: 714-547-5468 x 313

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