After School Arts Program

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The After School Arts Program provides artistic training in the fields of Music, Visual Arts, and Dance to at risk youth and children with special needs in the community.



Our Music Program is dedicated to enhancing the artistic education of the youth in the community by providing accessible and affordable music classes after school. The music program is made up of piano, electric, and acoustic guitar, flute, harp, viola, violin and saxophone. Our instructors are highly skilled and trained in their instrument with years of experience.



We offer various art mediums designed to strengthen and support creative exploration. Classes include Drawing and Painting, Illustration, Graphic Design, Mixed Media and more. working together in supportive, inspiring spaces, instructors and students share ideas, discover new connections, and use the process of making art to enrich the understanding of the worlds around us.



Using dance as a vehicle to inspire youth and provide a culturally relevant outlet, OCCTAC has been able to provide students with a comprehensive and well rounded program that explores different techniques. OCCTAC provides high quality, fun and engaging dance classes such as Flamenco, Ballet, Creative Dance, Folkloric, and Modern Dance.

For more information please contact the Program Coordinator:

Phoebe Simpson
After School Arts Program Coordinator
Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
2215 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706